• What is a Spanner?
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What is a Spanner?

Samantha SpannersThe average person lives a Lifespan from around 0-80 sequentially.

Spanners don't. These incredibly rare beings have vastly different Lifespans than you and I.

Some live their lives in reverse. Some come alive for a single day every ten years. Some like our hero, Dr. Adam Parr - are immortal.

Each class of Spanner has its own unique Lifespan, and that Lifespan gives each Spanner strange and unique powers.Phoe Lighter Spanners

For example, the Mayfly class lives only 6 months, but they live a "whole life in half a year", so they are preternaturally charming and intelligent...and they only need ten minutes of sleep per day. Trog class Spanners devolve as they age, but their Neanderthal-like physique gives them incredible strength and survival instincts.

There are countless classes of Spanners. Many are harmless. Some are good. And some...some are incredibly dangerous.


Geryon Phage SpannersMayfly Spanners

The Story

Adam Parr Mirror SpannersDr. Adam Parr is an Immortal, the highest class of Spanner. His memory goes back 8,000 years, and much of that time he has spent as a detective.

When he worked for Scotland Yard in the 1800s he used his vast experience to solve crimes "instantly"; he's seen every situation countless times before. Leonard Kelly-Young as Donald Salt - Spanners

But his class's weakness is that they are slow to adapt, and the world now moves too fast for him. So he has dropped out of society.


When Dr. Parr finds that his immortal brother Jonathan has somehow been murdered, he must reconnect with his detective roots and solve the crime.

Dr. Parr teams up with a short-living, fast-learning Mayfly and delves deep into the Spanner underworld - because if someone found a way to kill his immortal brother, Adam could be next.


Adam meets Igbo the TrogAdam Mayfly TogetherVulkan the Trog - Spanners