About The Filmmakers

Jon Maas - SpannersWriter / Director Jon Maas has Written / Produced over 15 Television shows for National Geographic TV, the History Channel and more.

He came up with the idea of Spanners while acting as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia, Africa. In the harsh arid land, some of the insects there live for only a day. There is also a plant called a Welwitschia. It lives to be two thousand years old. Both of these got Jon thinking about the concept of differing Lifespans - and how they might give a person extraordinary strengths and weaknesses.


Shawn ChristianStar and Executive Producer Shawn Christian has too many credits to mention. He currently stars in Days of Our Lives. He brings a timeless gravitas and trustworthiness to the role of Adam Parr.

He has carried countless TV Series - and can carry both the already written Spanners 2 and any spinoff TV Series.




David C. KeithExecutive Producer David C. Keith also acts as the editor for Spanners. He has directed the feature documentary Crash Artist and is slated to direct the upcoming feature length Sci-fi film "Flare" - written by him and Jon.



Daphne WuCinematographer/Producer Daphne Wu is a perfectionist. She enjoyed shooting this feature-length Film noir because the darkness gave her 100% control over the light and shadows.



Bomani StoryCinematographer/Producer Bomani Story worked with Daphne to "get it done." This was a two camera shoot and often times Jon instructed Bomani to use David's shoulder mount and film in precarious locations and positions.


Jeremy ChildersSound Engineer and Musician Jeremy Childers acted as Sound Mixer on Spanners. He is also a Producer on the project.



Kara Sullivan Casting - SpannersKara Sullivan cast Spanners, bringing in countless actors for each audition.



Danny Rapaport - SpannersDanny Rapaport is the Visual Effects Supervisor. He has done Visual Effects for such movies as Fast and Furious, Gamer, The Ugly Truth and countless others.




Wendy Gutierrez - Stunt Coordinator for Spanners Wendy Gutierrez acted as Stunt coordinator along with her brother Roberto. From punches to grappling, they ensured the fights looked real - and most importantly they made sure no one got hurt.