About Spanners - a SciFi Film noir

Spanners is a movie that introduces a new kind of supernatural powers - powers that stem from having a unique lifespan.

Ed - a Slomo Class SpannerFor example Ed (on the left) lives his life in slow motion - his body can't adjust, but he uses his powers to his advantage; he listens to microchanges in his opponents' heartbeat to see when they are lying.

Trogs, Slomos, Tweeners, Carnies, Randoms, Suicidals, Reversers...the list goes on and on.

Spanners is all filmed and is about to be submitted to film festivals.

It's overall goal is to launch a franchise with its endlessly expandable cast of characters - we have a movie and a book to get things started.

TV or Movie Executive looking for a Franchise?

We've already filmed and written the first installments.

If you're a TV or Movie Development Executive looking for a franchise, please email us here.

  • We have two actors - Shawn Christian (Adam Parr) and Rane Jameson (Mayfly) - who can easily carry a series and make you look smart. Shawn has already carried multiple series (Summerland, Days of Our Lives), and Rane is going to be the next Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  • If you're a fan of Scifi, Film noir or simply good movies - please drop us a line as well.

Omar - a human who Ventures into the World of the Spanners